It’s a long time between posts – but my last real post back in July was when I booked flights to Europe for our Christmas holiday extravaganza :)

Apart from a few transits through Paris, it’s over 20 years since I spent more than a couple hours there. That visit did not impress me much at all. The tower and the monuments were certainly impressive but it just didn’t do it for me!

Boo’s lifelong dream has been to go to Paris, shop on the Champs Elysee and see the Eiffel Tower. Where does an 8 year old get ideas like this? Barbie movies!

This time I fell in love with Paris! Before we went Boo had read Alice-Miranda in Paris and so knew what she wanted to see and do besides shopping and scaling the Eiffel Tower, and I just went along on her journey.

We stayed very close to the Eiffel Tower, and after our long flight, taking our bags to our very Paris-sized hotel room (read no room to move around the bed) but we loved it, we ventured out to ogle the Tower!

Eiffel Tower 16/12/13

Our hotel was a few metres from Rue de Clair one of the oldest market streets in Paris. The cobblestoned street was everything you dream of fruit and vegie stores, fish monger, butchers, flowers, cafes, wine stores, champagne stores and of course la patisseries and chocolatiers. We chose a gorgeous cafe/bar and breakfasted every morning on fresh croissants, pane au chocolat, and baguettes… drooling at the memory!

We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower one morning, and returned later in the evening to dine at the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant which was a pretty awesome experience. Desert was the Tower!


The batobus (river boats) up and down the Seine to almost everywhere we wanted to go were our preferred mode of transit.


We snuck into the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, and to check out the medieval ruins, and some Egyptian mummies. Thank you to the lovely people who gave us their tickets.. we paid it forward!

We marveled at the windows of Notre Dame.

IMG_1924 IMG_1921

There was dining on crepes at sidewalk cafes


We both fell in love with Paris…


My domain renewal is due today. I have seriously missed blogging and have spent some time considering what to do. I think I’ll renew, password protect a few more posts and take it from there.

Last year was a busy year, setting about to achieve the goals I set myself.

Did I achieve them?

Yes I did!

Started a fabulous new job in August and have just had an amazing trip to Europe over Christmas and New Year but will save the details for future blog fodder :)


Whether it’s white or not, will depend on the Weather Gods, it will be cold and we will be here.


We might even break into some Sound of Music renditions as well as Christmas Carols… Yes, it is Salzburg!

I’m looking forward to reliving my most favourite Christmas experience with Boo.

Looking forward to Gluwein (mulled wine), pretzels and gingerbread as we explore the Christmas Markets



Searching amongst all the traditional decoration treasures to fill our home in future years.


And collecting all the treats for a traditional buntatella for my little Miss to enjoy


To make it real, we have airline tickets and are planning our trek from Paris via Berlin and Munich to Salzburg followed by some skiing.

And because they’re envious and want to spend another Christmas in Salzburg, my parents are flying into Munich a few days before Christmas to spend it with us :)


My rug in the lounge room was beginning to look a bit shabby. I bought it when I lived in the Middle East, a silk blend Persian purchased at some road side markets in the middle of the desert, somewhere at the back of Sharjah. It had endured a teething puppy (the evidence carefully hidden under the TV unit for the past 8+ years). It has weathered the abuse of a small child for the past 7+ years though mostly cleaned up well. Suffice to say it was well and truly in need of replacing… sentimental value was the reason it stayed!

I was delighted recently when asked if I’d like a new rug in return for a blog post. I went straight to the rug page and browsed the selection, before deciding on this one.

OO Rug


It’s much darker and with more red than I had been expecting but now it’s been in the room a few days, I really, really like it. Though do have a “No Questions Asked Money Back Policy” if you do change your mind about your order.

Postage was super speedy. I would have received the rug 4 days from the order date on a Friday (to Perth), had I been home when the delivery guy came, and then if the consignment number wasn’t illegible, and then if the re-delivery guy had left it as per instructions… but that’s a whole other story, and not the fault of! sells almost everything. I’ve bought a few things now and find their prices and postage very reasonable.

Disclaimer: I did receive the rug courtesy of in return for a blog review, however all opinions expressed are my own

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