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Boo, aged 6.75 years is absolutely obsessed with the Olympics. She was glued to the TV, from lunchtime Saturday until she fell asleep around 10pm. I then recorded overnight, and she was glued to the TV again for a couple of hours on Sunday, after she had fast forwarded to the sports she wanted to watch, ending with her yelling her lungs out at the Gold Medal producing swimmers.

She spent the several hours of no coverage, asking when it would start again, and then continued her viewing until bedtime. Boo was most excited at watching Lauren Mitchell compete in gymnastics yesterday evening, especially after seeing the WAIS gymnasium being decked out in green and gold balloons, streamers and posters on Saturday morning, in preparation for the gymnasts here to cheer on Lauren.

When someone doesn’t do well, she pipes up with “It’s all about having fun, winning doesn’t matter! It should be enough that you are good enough to get to the Olympics!” I’ve tried to explain, that to Olympic athletes, winning is all that matters, but she won’t have it.

Whilst Boo is enjoying watching the sport. She confided to me that the real reason she likes watching is all the handsome men… Handsome being said with the extreme coyness only a 6 year old can muster!

The most handsome man is of course, James Magnusson

She then confided she would like to marry an Olympian but then on further reflection, decided all these handsome men will be too old when she grows up, and has reset her sights again on Prince Christian of Denmark!


MV5BMjE5NTc0NTI2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjU2MzIzNw@@__V1__SY317_CR14,0,214,317_Boo is a huge fan of the Buddies, so when we were asked to review Treasure Buddies, and host a giveaway, she was very keen to check out the newest adventures of the talking puppies.

Treasure Buddies sees the Buddies head to Egypt to find the lost cats-eye necklace of Cleocatra, in an adventure not dissimilar to Raider’s of the Lost Ark, only less scary and with cute puppies instead of a cute Harrison Ford.

Boo loved this movie, and was most excited when the evil, furless cat was turned into a statue by an ancient curse.

As an adult, I found the storyline quite predictable but was happy to sit through this family movie with Boo.



Giveaway -Closed

With thanks to the Disney Mango Team, I have 2 copies of Treasure Buddies to giveaway. All you need to do is leave a comment telling me your favourite family movie. Winners will be chosen by

Entries close Sunday 29 July 2012, 8.00pm (AWST)

Disclaimer: I received a Treasure Buddies DVD and Buddies activities courtesy of the Disney Mango Team. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Over the past 7 or so weeks, I’ve been working hard on transforming myself into the person I want to be.

Until Boo was around 2, and for 35 odd years of my life, I was fairly fit and exercised regularly.

I spent 12 or more years of my childhood in dance lessons, for almost as many hours per week as I spent at school. Soon after giving up dancing, I became an aerobic instructor, gym instructor, and dabbled as a personal trainer for over 10 years. The gym was my home away from home, and my work away from work (nursing and midwifery).

Through my late 20s, I played A-grade touch football, only stopping because there was no competition to play in when I moved to Abu Dhabi.

When Boo was little, I used to run with her in the pram (that was also back when the dog could also run for more than 2 km continuously).

The day came when Boo would no longer stay in the pram, and running became something that was out of the question. She spent enough time in daycare and now after school care, that I could not bring myself to join a gym and put her in a crèche. Mother Guilt strikes again!

I’ve lamented here before, that the downside of sole parenting for me has been has been that I can not just go out and run before my child wakes up, or when she’s in bed at night, and obviously she’s too young to leave home. I made a Valentin attempt about 18 months ago to start running again but just found it too much of a juggling game.

So after much debating with myself, I decided Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation might actually get me organised and motivated to start exercising regularly again, and maybe lose a couple of kilos.

For 7 weeks now, I’ve been dragging myself out of bed in the dark and cold, and exercising. Monday morning, I run with Boo riding along on her bike. Neither of us are ever awake enough to complain, we just do it! Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I get up and do an exercise DVD, Wednesdays, I run whilst Boo is at ballet, and Fridays I get to run whenever I want. Saturday’s are kill myself in the backyard day. My little Hitler personal trainer (Boo) oversees my session shouting commands and occasional encouragement!

Not only am I feeling better, sleeping better, running comfortably, and returning to the person I want to be. The added bonus is I’ve also lost 7kg :)


Back in April, at the Digital Parents Conference, I was delighted to receive a couple of Billie B Brown books, courtesy of Hardie Grant.


Back in April, I would have classed Boo as a beginner reader. She was not overly keen when I suggested she read the Billie B Brown books to me, rather than me read them to her. However, after a couple of weeks of them sitting on her bedside table, she insisted on attempting to read them to me.

In one foul swoop, she had gone from reading books with picture prompts, to reading chapter books. After reading her first Billie B Brown book and struggling with it 8 weeks ago, I now have a fluent reader who is rapidly working her way through the Billie B Brown collection.

Last week, I had a parent-teacher interview. Boo’s teacher is so impressed by her reading development over the past two months. I can only claim the credit for providing Boo’s reading material, full credit has to go to Sally Rippin for a writing style and character creations that have my child entranced, and Hardie Grant for introducing us to Billie B Brown.

Bedtime has become a pleasanter time in our household, as Boo cannot wait to read the next chapter in Billie B Brown. I still cannot get her to sleep but at least I can get her into bed now Smile

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